Innovation & Achievements

To us ambiguity is an advantage, it allows us to ask the question “WHAT IF?” 

At one time strategy was dominant for success. Forecasting, planning, placing smart bets were the sources of power. The mantra being “you manage well success follows”. 

Today the complexity and uncertainties in an organization demands that we do things differently. 

And the new value source is INNOVATION – without this organizations will eventually wither and fade. This is one single aspectthat separates the leaders from the crowd. 

For us at Abir, this is part of the work culture and we relentlessly pursue an idea, a perceived opportunity for profitability – regardless of the difficulties that we may face or the fear of failure. 

To innovate, one must be creative. 

Few creativity theorists hold a strong opinion that a creative idea must be completely unique.

While this is certainly desirable, we believe that this need not be entirely so.  To us it means that an idea should be appropriate to the goal. It also means to adapt existing ideas to entirely new situation.