Plant & Equipment

Plant and machinery is the most important resource after people. It is the lifeline of modern day Construction Company. 

With mega size projects where the volumes are mind-blogging;

With projects located in all type of terrain – from sub-zero to deep underground to very remote;

With projects demanding precision and high quality standards;

With projects requiring to be built within the required time plan and budget;

Plant & Machinery are of paramount importance. 

In fact, the availability and use of plant and machineries along with the degree of mechanization and innovation are major attributes of a successful company. 

We at Abir, totally understand this crucial requirement and constantly strive to use the optimum resource. Even the maintenance methods and practices are aligned with this – resulting in very high availability and reliability of its equipment, resulting in economy of operations, high quality works, ensure safety and maintain time lines. 

Sourced from reputed world class manufacturers the equipment owned by Abir can be classified as under.

  • Survey & Geo-technical investigation
  • Excavation & Earth Work 
  • Grading & Compacting
  • Hauling &Material Transport
  • Lifting & Hoisting
  • Conveying
  • Aggregate and concrete production
  • Tunneling and rock drilling
  • Pumping and de- watering
  • Workshop & Maintenance
  • Utilities  - Power, Air & Water Supply
  • IT & Communications
  • Special Equipment 
    • Ropeway
    • Spider Crawler
    • 7-Arm Jumbo



Plant & Equipment