Human Resource

Work Environment & Culture

Abir strives to create a work environment that provides unity in diversity – be it be gender, race, age, culture, nationality and ethnic - equal access to information, development and opportunity. With an inclusive work environment, we seek to leverage the people's unique talents, experience and ideas. To us, diversity is more than mere policies and practices; it is a lever that unlocks the power of differences to competitive advantage and meets the vision of the organization.

The work culture is both social and interactive leading to high performance. There is a strong emphasis on knowledge sharing and ample opportunities to innovate. People are the key to company’s future and hence emphasis is on their professional development, health and safety. 

An employee friendly environment, easy-to-approach executive management style, a professional work culture, transparent and robust work organization and ensuring the work-life balance are the reasons for Abir’s phenomenal rise in a short span of time.


People Management & Development

“Abirites” as the people are fondly called, are the company’s greatest asset. It is the dedication and commitment of the professional, multi-talented and skilled manpower that has resulted in making Abir one of the most preferred companies in the infrastructure sector.

A comprehensive process of selection, where all efforts are made to create an alignment between the organization's role requirement and the individual's capability, potential and aspirations is in place.

Training is accorded high priority exposing the people to new ideas, empowering them in expanding their knowledge base and prepares to face all challenges, both at the personal level and at the professional level.  Development of Leadership Pipeline through various leadership development initiatives is an integral part of the corporate vision.

The training programs encompass the technological, managerial and behavioral growth of our people, enabling them to take higher responsibility.

We constantly endeavour to identify new technologies, new ideas, new processes, better tools and methods to improve what we do.


Operative Chart