Supplier Engagement

The suppliers and subcontractors are extremely valued members of the TEAM ABIR and jointly share the common objectives of client satisfaction and advancement of mutual business interests - while maintaining strict moral code, dignity of labour, equal opportunity and fair competition methods. We count on the quality, consistency and integrity of all services and products delivered by our suppliers.  We continually encourage our suppliers to excel in the mutual goals of on-budget performance, on-time quality delivery, enforcement of safe work environment, fairness in labour compensation and transparency of business practices. 

For effective performance, the process is segmented into contracting, procurement, and logistics and materials management. The processes are in line with the Organizational Quality Plans and includes validating capabilities of vendors, managing the bid cycle, ensuring fair evaluation, monitor quality and schedule. The basis of supplier engagement is: 

  • Maintain the highest standards of integrity in its dealings with the suppliers
  • Follows rigorous and transparent procedures to select the suppliers
  • Provided equal opportunity and afforded fair treatment to all suppliers
  • Expectations will be clearly set out and documented
  • Review relationship primarily to address performance improvement opportunities
  • Meet our contractual obligations
  • Maintain confidentiality of quotations and other 3rd party information entrusted to us
  • Avoid placing employees in positions of potential conflict of interest
  • Promote fair competition among our suppliers
  • Adhere to all laws and regulations